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Alushta      Alushta is one of the most ancient towns of the Crimean seaside. Centuries ago people chose to settle at the crossroads where ancient routes running from the northern foothills down to the sea and to the east and west met.
Experts have not yet figured out how ancient settlers made massive stone megaliths. Advantages of the area didn't escape the notice of fearless travelers and colonists. The names Partenit, Lambat (Lambas), Alouston and Kastel echo the names of ancient Greek settlements.
The Byzantine emperor who ruled the entire neighborhood washed by the Mediterranean Sea had a fortress built here to protect his lands. The fortress had formidable turrets , thick walls, and a cathedral as well as jewelers' and armorers' workshops. Time has erased the fortress from the face of the earth. However; archeologists find remnants of these ancient epochs now and then.
These fragments represent just minimal part of Alushta's historical heritage. It is only the turret towering on Fortress mountain that testifies to the former splendor of Alouston.
Nowadays, Alushta is a recreational center as well as a town rich in history.

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